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Katz Leather

Brown Natural Sheepskin Mittens

Brown Natural Sheepskin Mittens

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Embrace the cold season with unparalleled warmth and comfort with our Brown Natural Sheepskin Mittens. Expertly crafted from premium natural sheepskin, these mittens are your best defense against the harshest winter weather, offering both insulation and breathability to keep your hands warm without overheating.

Our Brown Natural Sheepskin Mittens are not just practical winter wear; they're a statement of style and quality. Whether you're hitting the slopes, enjoying a winter walk, or just facing the daily commute, these mittens will keep you warm, comfortable, and looking great.

Made of genuine sheepskin and sheep wool, these mittens made by Katz Leather will keep your hands very warm on the coldest day. Fully lined inside with natural sheep fur - shearling.

Available in all sizes S/M/L/XL

Please write us size preferred for the mitts after purchasing.

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